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Blowers have the single functionality to recirculate cool or hot air into the vehicle cabin as well recycling it. This action is performed with the support of the blower fan generating the flow of air which is sent through the air conditioning unit or or/and the heat exchanger circuit.


Cabin blower fan modules are usually made of the following elements: 

   • DC electrical motor;
   • Engine bearing;
   • Electrical motor governor;
   • Impeller;
   • Scroll.

The amount of air that is generated by the Blower depends on the characteristics of permeability of passage of air trough the ventilation ducts of the vehicle cabin ventilation system: 

   • External air intake (below windscreen);
   • Air conditioning and Hear exchanger unit.

Like all parts, the long use of blowers can wear out and need to be replaced in order to maintain a good venting on the inside of the vehicle cabin.