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Joćo de Deus & Filhos was founded in 1914 with the name of his founder.

The company started as a radiator repair workshop located in the center of Lisbon.

Only after a few years and driven by a long term vision, the company initiated manufacturing of Harrison Type radiators.


Since those first steps, JDEUS has been continuously evolving to grow and claim national, then European and nowadays worldwide recognition as a manufacturer of Automotive Thermal System products.



1914 - Establishment of JDEUS company.

1962 - The company starts to grow and becomes "Joćo de Deus & Filhos, Lda".

1963 - Increase of production capacity by relocation to new facilities in Sacavém, only a few kilometers from Lisbon.


1965 - For the first time, JDEUS becomes OEM supplier for the existing assembly lines in Portugal.


1984 - First Aftermarket exports to Europe.


1987 - JDEUS becomes an anonymous society by changing its status to “Joćo de Deus & Filhos, S.A.”.

1988 - Starts developing a sales network to cover the Aftermarket in Portugal by creating 2 local shops.

  • Sulradiadores - Lisbon
  • Radinorte - Porto

1991 - Building of high-class facilities needed to increase production capacity and elevate quality standards.

New facilities are located in Samora Correia, 60km from Lisbon.

Simultaneously, the Aftermarket sales network was expanded by the creation of another 2 local shops.

  • Auto Radiadores das Beiras - Covilhć
  • Auto Radiadores JDEUS - Entroncamento

1992 - Installation of the first Brazed Aluminum production line.

1993 - Establishment of a subsidiary in Madrid as to internationalize the Aftermarket sales network and have a complete coverage of the Iberia region.

  • JDEUS Espańa, S.L. - Madrid

1994 - Implementation of ISO 9001 Certification.

M.P.S.A. enter JDEUS Group and becomes the center of development and production of tooling, molds and equipment for JDEUS, as well as supplying Magneti Marelli factories.

1995 - First development of an OEM Intercooler for Audi/VW.

1996 - The company was acquired by Magneti Marelli and enters the Thermal Systems Division.

1997 - First supply of OEM products (Intercoolers) to Volkswagen/Audi Group in Germany.

Supply of OEM products (Heaters) to Fiat Group in Italy.

1999 - First development of OEM Intercoolers for Fiat Group.

2001 - Creation of a warehouse in order to improve Customer Service and reduce the delivery time.

Denso acquires Magneti Marelli Thermal Systems and becomes JDEUS sole shareholder. JDEUS is introduced into Denso Group.

Creation of a new Distributor in Spain to offer a daily service to Catalunya region.

  • JDEUS Catalunya - Barcelona

2002 - Implementation of ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 Certifications.

2003 - JDEUS becomes supplier of OEM Intercoolers for Toyota for the models Corolla and Avensis.

2004 - JDEUS celebrates 90 years of existence.

In February, JDEUS start works to increase its facilities to create the assembly line for Toyota Intercoolers (Corolla and Avenssis) and to give a better support to Aftermarket Customers.

In September, JDEUS concludes expansion works and starts production of Intercoolers for Toyota.

Creation of a dedicated warehouse for the Aftermarket business with a stock capacity of 50.000 pieces, improving Service Level.

2005 - First development of OEM Intercoolers for Porsche and General Motors.

2008 - First development of OEM Intercoolers for Peugeot.

2009 - First development of WCAC Intercoolers for OEM.

2010 - First development of OEM Intercoolers for Honda.

2011 - Relocation of Lisbon Regional Warehouse with better access and increased stock capacity, all to improve Customer Service.

2013 - Construction of NPI (New Product Introduction) facilities consisting of an advanced technical building that integrates R&D, Prototype area as well as Functional and Durability Testing.

2014 - Celebration of 100 years of existence.

2017 - Increase of the facilities to a total covered area of 19.751m².